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Friday, May 15, 2015

SoulSpacing our lives

About 4 months ago, my sister Amy talked me and several others into studying a book called 'SoulSpace' by Xorin Balbes. She started a Facebook Group (which you can join here) and within days we were all transforming our homes and our lives. The initial project was to be 8 weeks, a chapter a week. And for those of us with tiny well kept homes that probably would have been enough. For me, not so much. So when the 8 weeks rolled to a close and I had just gotten started, I asked her if I could take over the group and go for 8 months. Well I begged is what I did. I realized I needed these new friends of mine. I looked forward to seeing their names in my day and their pictures of clothing piles and empty drawers. I was feeling empowered by the group to let go of years of neglected items that I would walk by before and not even see. So April 1st, April Fools day, we started anew. Every week I have given the group a task, a smallish bite of something to do that will make a change. These last two weeks have not been so smallish.

We are in the 'release phase' so I have asked everyone to go into the closed off areas of their homes and bring things out into the light. Empty their closets...

see what's in there...

All of this was in one closet. Can you believe that?
And this one in the guesthouse...
held all of this...
Is that bizarre? I think so. When I began to go through it all I realized that I wanted to leave empty spaces in my life. After these 4 months, I've been letting those empty spaces speak to me about possibilities, unlimited possibilities. Who needs a round basket? 20 tablecloths (even though they are pretty). I got rid of a whole backseat filled with things I could hardly believe I'd kept and then some more that had once called my name and now felt like interlopers. I'm seeing how stuff keeps me unconscious, endlessly moving it here and there, cleaning it or wishing it were clean. Telling myself I'll use it one day, guilting myself into keeping it because a good friend gave it to me for my birthday. Endless ridiculousness.
As a group we've gotten rid of all of the interloping clothing and dried up pens (all of April). Now we're working on bringing the neglected things into the light and sorting them into categories to go through, once a week throughout the 8 months, taking our time and letting go, for good. To do this, we picked up a new book this time to use along with SoulSpace, its called 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo, and its brilliant. She asks us to keep only what 'sparks joy'. To hold things in your hands and ask them, do you serve me now? or are we done. Then if it is, with gratitude, send it on its way to the thrift store. In this process we have gotten in touch with materialism not as a degrading phrase like, "Oh she's so materialistic." But as the global distraction that it is. The time spent on the STUFF, the time spent on making the money to buy stuff, and the time spent on the buying. And then the time spent on the storing it and the moving it from one pile to another, washing it in the kitchen sink or laundry. The water we waste on it! The piles. And the distraction of it from our families and our spiritual practices, how its unrelenting messiness stops us from having friends to dinner. Its endlessly ridiculous.

So me and my friends, we're putting a stop to it. We're emptying out our homes and filling them with the energy of our Souls. Will you join us?

Thursday, May 14, 2015


This lovely cactus blooms one day of the year and then as quick as it came, its gone. Luckily, I have a husband whose extremely attentive, who brought me outside to show me. He's good for that stuff.

As a few of you know, he will be getting his hip replaced sometime in the next months. It's bone-on-bone (try imagining that several times a day watching him move about). They'll be fitting him in whenever the VA has an opening. It might be Fall. No matter, my hubby just takes it all in stride. His cane has become his fifth appendage. He poked it in the fire a few months ago, melted it and had to buy a 3 pack of cane rubber ends. I couldn't even believe he found them.

Today, he was under his desert willow tree, weeding. The garden I was suppose to be caring for he'd gone back and redone much more beautifully. He quietly moves about changing things and never complaining. Then we go to the Dr. last week and the nurse asks him his pain level from 1-10 and he says, "Ten sounds about right." just as smoothly as if he'd said a one.

We even had fun that day wandering around the Albuquerque VA grounds, paths connect tree framed adobe buildings, between which are lush green empty areas, the kind you can imagine having a picnic on and benches where you can leave your room and take a book into the sun. We imagined being there and enjoying his new lease on life, some say its almost immediate. We talked of how nice everyone was and lunched at the same table as two young interns from elsewhere in the country.

As good as it was, we'd awakened at 4am and driving home in the afternoon we both were sleepy. Me driving.  I watched him sleep and wondered how I would do, taking care of him. He always takes care of me. He gets the mail, feeds the birds, gases up the car, takes care of the yard, visits the neighbors, does the dishes and picks up the coffee cups I leave all over (these last two I have just taken over recently and he hasn't argued.) He rarely asks for me to get him a drink so I started asking, every few hours and I'm usually late. I Swiffer now. I try to predict his next move, but he's fine. He just is fine.

I'll be leaving for my daughters wedding in a couple of weeks so a few of my girlfriends are lined up to come over and bother him like I do. When he and I realized he couldn't make the trip we were sad but mildly relieved. He wont say when he's worn out, but I see it. and then I think, bone-on-bone.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Today's 5K

Me and my dear friend Lorraine

decided to do the local fundraiser run for the 4-H and boys and girls club. We did great, had a wonderful pace together that felt like pushing it but was actually very similar. We spent the whole time gabbing about our lives between getting pelted with clouds of colorful dust.( That may look like a green shirt but it is actually my skin.) All in all we had a blast. And for $35 to go to the kids, especially in our little town, it was well worth it!

I love to walk.
I love seeing kids have fun.
I love seeing mom's seeing their kids have fun.
I love seeing kids get to spray adults with colored powder (and it didn't help that Lorraine knows every kid in town because of subbing at schools for ages -she subbed with my husband years ago, that's how we met- so we got double doses.)
I love seeing my friends happy, and Lorraine is a good good friend.
I loved today.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Paul Theroux - travel writer extraordinaire

I was reminded of my love of Paul Theroux today. My genius brother-in-law Glenn had posted on Goodreads that he wanted to read 'The Men Who Stare at Goats'; and if you saw the movie you just know the actual book has to be f-ing brilliant entertainment about our 'real' and 'true' human story. I remember watching the movie with my mouth hanging open in amazement.

Anyway, as happens on Goodreads, one click leads to another and before I knew it I was face to face with the master again.
This book thrilled me...

Mr. Theroux has my way of being while he travels. He sits back, observes, keeps a low profile and using all his senses, breathes through people and places like the air.

I adore travel. I paid off my home and live frugally so I can travel. I haven't traveled much, yet. But I will, more and forever.

This summer I will spend the wedding week of my daughter and her soon-to-be on the VA shores of the Potomac River. We will stay in 8 mid-century-modern-like cabins, us and my wonderfully quirky family. We will stupefy ourselves with divine culinary delights and teach ourselves with trips to the Smithsonians, then finally, we'll roll around in the love of my daughter and her beau as they shyly stand before us, accepting each other under the bowing branches of the majestic old trees.

My next dreaming is around Europe...
Where is your next dreaming about?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Inspired Bloggers welcome to my blog...

When Michelle put it out there that she was having a month for people to work on their blogs here, I had to force myself to click on the button. I could avoid it no longer. My blog is neglected.

If it could talk, it would tell you how its been feeling deserted, left by itself at the grocery and screaming in the parking lot while its Mother drives away in an Impala... and then it would tell you about how I had abandoned my creative life, my precious dolls, my dreams of long hours of mindlessly fabulous creativity...

and for what?


It's true. I needed order. I needed to fulfill a childhood dream of knowing exactly where the Fiskers were.
I was soon ensconced in the organization of a lifetime. Huge garbage bags were leaving my home every week. My husband's eyes were saucers, wondering where his wife had gone and who was this cleaning lady who had mysteriously appeared. Then, worse, he was smiling more, like he'd hit the matriarchal jackpot. Why? Because he could find a pen by the phone. Yay, he's easy. I'm lucky.

But the problem still remained...
My dolls needed me... and more importantly, I need them.
So here we are.

They have no clothes. They're living naked in a basket covered with fabric, but they're resilient. Their Etsy shop is closed.
So you see, its time.

Friday, April 24, 2015

What Are You Working On?

My sister Amy has started a new project where we pick out a few topics and discuss what we're working on with them. If you want to join us learn more here...
So for my categories, I've picked: SoulSpace - monthly, Tidy Lady task (these are ones I'm creating for the group), Food and Wellness, Watching and Going (because I should leave the house at least once a week for something!)

SoulSpace Monthly -

You may be wondering, what in the hell is that a picture of? Well so have I, for about 6 years now. That, my friends, is a picture out my office window and I do believe the main reason why my guesthouse/office was so delightfully inexpensive. You see my neighbor is a bit devil-may-care about his property. When we bought this mobile home (which is right behind ours) years ago we created a cool little courtyard in between and enjoy the rest because its all fenced in. I hardly even think about this view because its covered with a nice curtain all the time. Until I started in with Amy on this SoulSpace book club, I hardly thought about it. We had tried to grow a tree outside of it but the tree is too scrawny still to block anything. In his book, in the first phase 'Assessing' which we're back on this month, Xorin was sweet enough to have us also look out your windows. He wants us to make something of our view. So a few weeks ago, early on in our assessing, I realized that I wanted to open up for more  light in this room and the kitchen and when I opened the drapes my heart fell. I remembered this view. How was I going to be able to move my new desk in front of a window that looked like this? So I just stared and stared, slept on it and woke up with a crazy idea, which I told Bill...
and he thought it was a wonderful idea. So much so that even with his bum hip he helped me construct this in less than two hours...
I realize its a bit boring now but its going to be a lovely mandala, Hell even the wood is beautiful compared to what I used to look at. So step one is taken care of. I will have an art piece in front of me. I haven't planned it yet, but we're planning another one for outside of the kitchen window.
Bill has been amazingly supportive of our SoulSpace project. In fact the other day he even almost brought me to tears reminding me of an old dream we'd talked about years ago. I told him I was assessing the guesthouse and did he have any more to add that he was thinking before I started. We had discussed the new flooring a few weeks ago planning it for next year after we finish paying off the remodeling bills from this year, and so we talked about that. Then he said, "Well I'd still like to take out that wall." OMG! I had forgotten about that! When we first got this place I'd asked him if we could take out the wall between the kitchen and LR so I could teach astrology classes here too. At the time he'd been so hesitant I'd kind of thought it was too much and let the idea go. Well apparently he hadn't and thought yes, we can do that now before we put in the new flooring. I was over the moon! How exciting! So my GH assessment has changed somewhat, it will have to wait a bit, but its a totally new plan and I'm so thrilled about it. I had to share it with the group because it was so momentous but I really needed pictures to do so, so I out it in here to share.

Tidy Lady Task #4       COAT CLOSET, Shoes and handbags

Okay now by all rights I don't actually have a coat closet so this one was a bit trickier than most. I did do my shoes and am in the process of gathering all my coats into one section of my guesthouse BR closet but I'm not done and I do still need to empty my handbags. Good thing I can imagine the tasks before actually doing them or we wouldn't always have one. If you want to join us on our facebook group go to
I haven't learned how to do the 'here' thing yet.

Food and Wellness

The more you get to know me the more you'll realize that I'm bit OCD about food. Not in the clinical sense, like I'd have to touch my bread five times before buttering it, but in the sense that I go on these highly restrictive jaunts that would break a lessor woman. Like this week, just for instance, I'm subsisting on green shakes, vegies and nuts. That's it. Anyway, as part of the 'Cleanse' I'm also trying MagO7 a cleaner-outer of extraordinary reputation, and on that one I'll let you know, or not, as I've just tried it and the jury is still out.
I do find this obsession of mine mildly disconcerting at times, like I went to Las Cruces shopping yesterday and couldn't eat at my favorite Greek restaurant, Tiffany's. They have the most perfect gyros and greek salad! Not stopping there was like missing your favorite tv show when you were 10. (I remember one time I couldn't watch Starsky and Hutch because the electricity went out or something and I just had to kiss it goodbye. I was really upset! And in those days you didn't have internet where you could see it later, I mean it was gone. God was I a Tv freak back then.)
I sure feel fricken fantastic though.


the only thing I've watched this week so far is Survivor. I just love watching the people trying to cope with starvation and lying and tests of will. It does something for me.
Oh and I'm completely into Wolf Hall on PBS Sunday nights. The character is so fricken brilliant and brave. I love how he can speak his mind no matter who he's talking to. LOVE IT!


Well, as I said I went to Las Cruces shopping yesterday. I needed protein powder and MagO7 for my cleanse and  wasn't back for 9 hours. Well, there was Marshalls, Ross, Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby... I'm what's called an endurance shopper. I go rarely but when I go I want to see everything.
This weekend I'll be going to a birthday party where I'll be making the birthday cake. I will taste it so I know its good and have  a piece but then I'm right back on the green shake wagon.
So that's what I'm doing.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas crafting...

How many of you are out there like me, gluing, painting, sewing. For me, as an artist, Christmas has always been the time of year to let myself have some fun. I made this little decoration (and others) for family members. She is a little elf on the day after Christmas, finally able to play after busily making toys. I too am done with crafting for Christmas this year. I may do a few more just for the fun of it, but the pressure is off.

This year I just want to sit back and love the season. Enjoy the gatherings. Simmer oranges and cinnamon sticks on the stove. I'd love to end up Christmas eve at a holy night service in some sweet little church somewhere, but this year, maybe that will be just in my mind.

Bill and I wrap up the holiday at our house Christmas night with a bonfire, surrounded by friends and drinking homemade egg nog. I look forward to it every year.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going down to Las Cruces to enjoy the festive shopping and to wander around old Mesilla, a wonderful old Mexican village square, surrounded by lovely shops and  who knows what. I've never taken the time before.

I have an intention lately. To be inspired. To live 'in-spirit'. To pay attention to the quiet small things. To look into the eyes of friends and hear our great loving Source when it says to go visit or call one of them. And to love them always from where I am, even if I can't.

Happy holidays everyone. Be Love with me.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh My... where have I been?

I feel as if I'm crawling out of a cave...
I just listened to that lovely song, Say Something, I'm giving up on you, and became quite worried that someone out there would be giving up on me... I am here. and being Love, just like you. In the sweetest way, I assure you.
I just returned from visiting my husbands family in Cali. His daughter and her family mean a great deal to me and her children are grandbabies to me. Now, wonderful young people, two in college. Don't we feel blessed with grandbabies? What fun they are. And these being my step grandchildren I can only imagine what bliss it will be to hold a sweet little child of my daughters in my arms. heaven...
My sweet daughter June is getting married this next June and we joke that we (Bill and I and her and Nick) started throwing around baby names before there were wedding plans. It wasn't just me. She's ready... and I couldn't be happier.
But wedding first...

So anyway, I finally unearthed my craft room and made some Christmas decorations for my Thanksgiving hosts. Time disappeared. All fell delightfully into place. I decided that 2015 was a recommitment to my creativity. So wasn't I happy to see that my blog hadn't been discarded for lack of usefulness.
Hiatus is the wrong word. I think I was a tiny bit underwater. 'Buried'. That's the word I used in my morning pages today. I know we all have times in our lives where we pull back into ourselves. That was me this year. A bit lost too. So here I come... into the misty grayness of this new December day. Out of hiding...

Don't give up on me.
just be love with me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


While the rest of the country is covered in ice, we've been having the most lovely winter ever.
We're still eating greens from the greenhouse. Swiss chard was the most beautiful.
The kale was rare and small and the spinach was a bit scrawny and attracted some kind of powdery insect(?) that kind of turned me off. It was the kind of thing where I suddenly wished I had a microscope handy to inspect it. I can be a bit squeamish about things like that.
The broccoli needs eaten, yesterday... but with it being Fat Tuesday today I'm eating only unhealthy sugary wheaty stuff. Tomorrow I go off them for 40 days of cleansing so hopefully the broccoli will last that long.

But the last few days its been weeding buffalo grass out of all our beds. I want to make ready for Spring! I have to say that weeding is an incredibly strenuous exercise. Who knew?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holidays are blooming!

Dearest Belovers,

Why cant we all bloom in any season? I do love Fall and I'm beginning to think the only reason I love it is because it gets me back into my craft room as I prepare for the ultimate season, the holiday season! I love them all but perhaps Christmas most of all.

I finally got back to my new dolls recently and they've gone a few more steps towards fabulousness. Last night I painted the girls skin and feel it a tiny bit too pink.

Well, now that I've covered them in bright pink fabric they look great. Hairless and naked, but great.

 So this morning I pulled out the guys and realized when I paint them I'll temper the pink in the girls too. As far as the guys are concerned, for now they need their extremities attached because you can only go without arms and legs so long before it gets old...

I have been gone a long time.
But I had an incredible year. A busy one.
I just turned 50 a month ago. And this was a biggy for me. I called it my halfway mark birthday, however, since I plan on living to at least 122,  it will actually be halfway birthdays for another...12 years. No need to gloat about my eternalness, I just am pretty sure I'll be super duper old, that's all. So I've decided that since its only almost half over, I should start living like I love it. Ergo, here I am, with my belovers being love with me.
I fulfilled a decades long goal of completing my Level 4 certification with my astrological association, NCGR. I am now officially nationally certified as an astrologer, and can follow my name with C.A. That my friends took a good half of my year with my nose buried deep in books and learning so much I cant even tell you. If you want to know about astrology from me go here... .
I quit at the spa hotel I worked at for 6 years. It was time. And the nicest part was when my boss told me if I ever wanted to come back he'd hire me. That felt good.
Bill and I were able to pay off all of our debt. Now if you've never done this I would highly recommend it. There is a freedom in it that is indescribable.
There is so much more that has happened but these highlights will be enough for you to see more of my business than you may care about.
And let me just say that I am inspired to return by my sister Ame who runs a Tao blog called Tao Te Ching Daily  that I read everyday and I was just telling her yesterday that it was kind of cool to hear from her everyday as her little blog pops up in my emails regularly.  
So anyway, the guys are screaming from the other room that they're freezing their asses off. I better go.
I love you all... And remember, life's easy. Just be love with me.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The most amazing day...

Dearest Belovers,

Today was a complete surprise. You know when you're just getting involved in things and find yourself sailing along without a care in the world. Well today, feeling just that way, I was painting away on a little 70's camper that Bill and I are redoing, when out of the blue my friend Shelby calls that there's this opportunity out there for me. Apparently, an astrologer at a local Las Cruces radio station had walked away from a little Monday morning spot where he was interviewed by the DJ about the weekly hooha happening with the planets and would I be interested? Well, yes... of course I would. What fool would walk away from free publicity. It was only 5 minutes. How hard could it be? Shelby tells me to call another friend of ours Kathy Clark, who knows the person looking for a new astrologer. Kathy is awesome and makes me feel even more wonderful about it.

So then, after, how does one just go back to painting a camper when a radio station will be calling?
I did try - sort of pathetically - to continue painting but then the woman from the station calls and tells me a bit about what's happening...the spot entails a short recorded interview before 8 am filled with whos going to have a good week bad week and a bit about the signs... "but the DJ Trinity will call and interview you." I forgot to ask when. After about an hour of waiting I realized that it is Saturday afterall and they might not need me for this Monday morning before 8 am. Now its 7:38 pm and no call yet so.... I'm running the hotel tomorrow so that leaves.... when.

So what I'm learning in my life currently is that sometimes you just gotta roll with it. I'd love the gig but who knows. I'm thrilled my girls thought of me and I can be proud I was ready to jump at it. My days at the hotel are quickly coming to a close. Easter Sunday will be my last day. I planned to then begin in earnest my astrology career... Synchronicity. Now I know that my angels are on it.

I think I can go back and paint my camper now. As they said so many times in Hollywood, 'Man, we're livin' the dream.'

Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome 2013... a new start

Yes, I climbed a pyramid. Two actually. This is one. I'm in the orange blouse. My new, very dear friend Sue is with me at the top.

Technical difficulties. I can't seem to upload a picture. No browse button. Bear with me.

Speaking of technical difficulties. Have Bill and I been the only ones with the internet going down... often. Perhaps once every day or so. Just for brief periods. I started to think maybe the solar flares were affecting us? Any input? Maybe we just have faulty wiring. That can happen in the desert, dry heat busting the protective coating or some such thing. Oh my. Who knows?

Now an error occured with pink warning whistle banner. It's gone now. It's back. giggle. WTF!

Anyway, I'm home and things are crazy all around but I'm having a good time and all is well. My dolls are truly displeased because they've been held up in my cold little craft room for weeks. I had to bring two of them out to sit with me while I had clients last week. Truth is I've had to be working, studying or having sessions and have not had time to pull everyone out for discussion. Group therapy. Let's take a moment and visualize. 12 dolls in various states of bodily readiness. I haven't enough chairs or mini wheelchairs to take a picture , but all in a circle. Telling me their grievances: No attention. Why did so and so get to come out with you and I didn't? It's frickin freezing in there! Etc, etc. so on and so forth.

Lying in bed last night I was thinking about it. Mainly because I chose yesterday to tell my boss at the hotel that April 1st would be my last day... so we would need to find a replacement for me... soon.

Let me just back track, a hair. It was a very stressful day all around. My best cleaner had called in sick the day before and was hopefully able to come in and help me clean 11 rooms. I was training someone who would not be able to replace me or help me clean any rooms. My back was killing me. I had to work for 12 hours for the second day in a row because the last woman I was training had walked out on Monday. And the night before, Tuesday night, I'd had a very large flat screened television (stolen out from beneath my nose out! the giggle is that they forgot the remote in their hurry) and had to talk to the police, blah blah blah...

So, lying in bed last night, doped up on an IB 800, I was thinking about my doll making and how it always seems to fall to the end of the to do list.  Lying there, deciding on future happiness, I thought I could have one day of the week that was just for them and maybe two... so we'll see. I'm thinking after April 1st, maybe it could be Sunday. I've always worked on Sunday. So that would be a nice holiday feeling day for me.

Oh gosh, I must at some point start my day.
Be love with me in 2013!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Off to Chichen Itza!

Bill and I have been planning this trip for more than two years. We found out that Gregg Braden was doing a tour trip for the end of the Mayan calendar winter solstice Dec. 21, 2012 and said... yes...Yes! Where do I sign?

So anyway, now after all this time we leave tomorrow. I've been handling silly little details for days and trying not to get worried about anything.

No worries about anything big anyone. I truly feel its a shift in human consciousness, rather than anything in the physical realm. But who knows? Whatever comes, we'll all be fine. In body or out. Smile.

I do know that you all will just be Love with me, no matter where we are. that's what I'm gonna do.

I'll tell ya all about it when I get home.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas preparations

Cookie day was a two night affair with my wonderful neighbor Melissa and I cutting one night and frosting the next. I'm pretty sure that is the way to do it. I remember in years past being sooo tired that the cookies began to look like kindergarten projects.

So after all the packages have been sent out. Not one picture taken by me. I'd completely forgotten. my dear friends Jan and Ted still had one of my little owls and she has emailed me a pic. So here goes, and example of our artistry!

I had a whole woodland theme going. Owls, trees squirrels and even a saw to cut the trees down. It was great fun and the first time I'd gotten down royal icing. Just buy the meringue powder in the cake decorating section of Walmart (or where ever). You'll need a mixer, we used my guesthouse hand mixer but I guess your kithenaide would work too. smile. It's just powdered sugar, meringue powder and water, beat until it looks like marshmallow then add water as you go to keep it the consistency of glue.
Actually, in terms of colors, Melissa's were much prettier. She used an old butterfly cutter and made all kinds.  We may have started a new tradition this year.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December is here

And Christmas is in the air. How I love it!
And oh how the cookies are piling up around here too... More on that later, tomorrow is cookie day for me and my neighbor Melissa. So I think I'll take some pics and bring you up to speed on that then.

For now I wanted to share with you a letter I wrote my family today. Here goes...

What started out as a simple day drive with friends to a local outpost arts and crafts event turned into a real live adventure.

We had asked our neighbors, Melissa and Scott, to go with us again to the annual crafts fair at Montecello. But to call it an arts and crafts fair is really not the ideal image I'd like you to have though. You drive through the foothills into a seemingly ancient little mexican village... adobe homes and split wood fence. Lazy cows and disinterested horses. You know the drill. think Bonanza...
So the event is in this sweet little adobe building on the main drag, you step up onto a wooden porch with indian blanket covered couches. When we arrive they're occupied by a couple of older guys sitting in the fresh winter sun, being perfectly warmed into a state of lazy Saturday bliss. It was about 68 degrees or so. Inside, a slow burning fire in the raised adobe fireplace gently warms any chill that might have hit our sleeveless arms and sends the smell of mesquite and somewhere simmering Posole wafting through out the space. Dear friends of ours run the thing, so we know half the people as our sunsoaked eyes adjust to the low light within. The most lovely crafts and foods and mittens and slippers and ornaments,etc. etc. surround you and Jane gathers a group around her to test their Nationally recognized 'Older' balsamic vinegar, aged in oak barrels for god knows how long and going for the locals, half priced at only $75/ for an elegantly tiny bottle. I think Melissa sprung for the $45/bottle and the $75 one as I, only momentarily wished I had her paycheck. the taste in my mouth a kind of ambrosia I couldn't describe without using the word heaven.

I was going to buy some regular things until I found them... fingerless gloves as soft as the lamb they came from, made by my friend Lalynn. I had to put everything back to afford them, and promised myself I'd eat from the pantry this week. They weren't even a gift. More like an investment in my future... and a support for my friend's lifestyle. She'd shed the lamb herself only two years after naming her and spends her winters home schooling her boys and spinning the yarn. My dolls hair is hers and now my gloves.

The guys soon joined the other guys on the porch with big styrofoam cups filled with posole, gringo style with half the red pepper powder I'm used to in this area. Bland even. But they didn't care. They were lovin it. I bought a hand pie with just too little filling to please me and took a big bite of the stew Bill offered. Pork and hominy, those big dried corn kernals, and onion and as much NM red chili as you can stand. Claudia was the cook, catering to who knows who, were we wimps? It usually burns the inner layer off a decent stomach lining.

Once we finally removed ourselves from what felt more like a Christmas party than a sale, Bill took us further along the road to show us where Jane and Steve brewed vinegar and Lalynn sheered her sheep. it was so pretty we kept going and he asked if we'd like to see Box Canyon. oh my Gosh, luckily we said yes... Before we knew it we were forging creeks with rushing water. And not just once or twice but dozens of times, Bill kept telling us, "and they call this a county road!" Our new Jeep was proving herself a real stallion. I think she actually loved it. Once in a while the road just became the creek and we would head down the river, us proclaiming to Bill, "how did you not just turn around?" You see Bill had been told to take this route when he had done the census years ago. He had to go investigate a couple of properties that hadn't been reported up in that canyon. He had told me about it then and I'd always wanted to know what it was like but was kind of scared too. The 'box' refers to the fact that you're completely surrounded by steep rock walls that come in and go out but are always there, boxing you in. At times its a bit claustraphobic, but my fears were more about getting stuck. It took almost two hours to drive through it and when we came out and looked back we could barely believe that Bill would have been brave enough to take it on. From the top it looks like your just driving right into a canyon river. amazing. I think Bill impressed us all just a little bit more yesterday. It was so cool.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 20! Where did the time go?

I know, I know, everyone thinks they're a horrible blogger if they blog only intermittently. So what! As if we didn't have lives...

Currently, you must excuse me, I'm working on a very covert astrological problem... How the hell am I going to pass my level 4 exams? No, that's not the problem. The problem is, that in order to pass my level 4 exams I must write a theoretical solution to the question - If I don't know some one's birth time, but I do know what day they were born and where, then what is the most likely time of day they were born, if all I have is their history? In other words, instead of prediction (saying what might likely happen according to the movement of the star chart forward through time) we use rectification... what would the time be if these are the things that did happen? Basically, going backwards. I wont bother you with how extremely difficult and time consuming this is.

Suffice it to say, my dolls and I stare wistfully at each other at least a few times a day. They're tired of being naked you see, and want clothes on... It's getting cold.

I'm going to go spend some time with them now... excuse me.

Friday, September 28, 2012

my men, hmm, I mean action figures

Albert, aka Dexter...

"Can you imagine how humiliating?
Do action figures get to be dressed at any point in the future?"

I'd have shown you something before now but it always seems such a big mess. So here goes... You asked for it.

There was a baby turantula amongst all these body parts today. A baby, maybe about two inches across. When I saw it I freaked. It was already furry but kind of tawny brown. Bill 'helped' me get it outside. As you may be able to imagine, I was helpless. Sorry I didn't get a picture. I was pretty panicked.

My girls already have there gloves on. the guys have promised to take them out for a night on the town, when everyone gets all the clothes on and everything, well, and hair... you know. So the girls have put on their gloves and decided that they just wouldn't take them off.

My new hands are so fun. I used floral tape on wire armature. I'll be sticking to it.

Well, Bill is taking me out to see the movie, Hope Springs at our local theater. A big night out in TorC. Yeah... Just be love with me.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Etsy shop open!

Oh I'm so relieved to have opened today. Four of my sweet little dolls have been posted...
Visit my shop here:

at least until I figure out how to put my shop button in this blog... any assistance would be kindly appreciated.

Til then, here they are...
sweet Matilda...

enigmatic Claire...
cowgirl Adelaide...

and my smart Beatrix...

Oh how I love them....
For now though, I'm going to rest..
I'm so blessed to just be love with all of you.
warmest thanks for all your encouragement

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Starting an Etsy store

I'm home from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. Ahhh... I'll sound like a dweeb if I try to explain how much I loved it. I'm so mushy about how much I love my family. We camped, all 15 of us! for several days at an undisclosed area of rare beauty. it was, in the words of my niece Tatia, 'heaven.'

Having returned filled with excitement about my shop opening; and finding myself needed at the hotel recovering from Labor Day weekend, I have finally had a whole day to begin preparing my shop. I set up the financial acct information and decided on pricing and shipping. I still need to survey the plethora of advice they've provided for new shop owners.

Tomorrow I will be taking photos of my dolls and writing their descriptions. I had brought my dolls to show my family and had some fun conversations about their sordid pasts and pleasant presents. Even my Great Aunt Elva helped me with her descriptive genius. I was so touched by how loving she was about my sweet little creations. And my wonderful nieces, Bailey and Tatia, indulged me in the most fabulous history of Claire, our lovely red-head... I'll let you hear it later...

For now, I must continue working.
Tomorrow is picture day!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Off to the North Country!

My people come from the north woods... well, I was raised up there and my sisters are still living there ... so this year we gather at the great Lake Michigan for fun and frolic (and lots of lazing about on air filled flotation devices). We eat too much and drink too much and have an all and out great time...

I would put up pictures but the dolls are all packed up and ready to be inspected by my 3 sisters and two nieces, so pictures are, for the moment, out of the question.

Does anyone else take two weeks to pack up for a camping trip?

I'll be back soon!

Be Love with Me!