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SoulSpacing our lives

About 4 months ago, my sister Amy talked me and several others into studying a book called 'SoulSpace' by Xorin Balbes. She started a Facebook Group (which you can join here) and within days we were all transforming our homes and our lives. The initial project was to be 8 weeks, a chapter a week. And for those of us with tiny well kept homes that probably would have been enough. For me, not so much. So when the 8 weeks rolled to a close and I had just gotten started, I asked her if I could take over the group and go for 8 months. Well I begged is what I did. I realized I needed these new friends of mine. I looked forward to seeing their names in my day and their pictures of clothing piles and empty drawers. I was feeling empowered by the group to let go of years of neglected items that I would walk by before and not even see. So April 1st, April Fools day, we started anew. Every week I have given the group a task, a smallish bite of something to do that will make a change. T

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