Today's 5K

Me and my dear friend Lorraine

decided to do the local fundraiser run for the 4-H and boys and girls club. We did great, had a wonderful pace together that felt like pushing it but was actually very similar. We spent the whole time gabbing about our lives between getting pelted with clouds of colorful dust.( That may look like a green shirt but it is actually my skin.) All in all we had a blast. And for $35 to go to the kids, especially in our little town, it was well worth it!

I love to walk.
I love seeing kids have fun.
I love seeing mom's seeing their kids have fun.
I love seeing kids get to spray adults with colored powder (and it didn't help that Lorraine knows every kid in town because of subbing at schools for ages -she subbed with my husband years ago, that's how we met- so we got double doses.)
I love seeing my friends happy, and Lorraine is a good good friend.
I loved today.


What tremendous fun! My 10-year old just challenged me recently to a 20 week workout challenge. We are working toward being able to do something like this. I can see this being really steadying for us in his teen years.
Linda S Watson said…
Looks like you had a great time, and for a good cause. Win-win!
Elda said…
Looks like so much fun! Great photos of being in the moment.
Deborah Weber said…
I love the photos Kimberly - that kind of color dusting just makes my heart delight. And how wonderful to have fun while doing good as well. I call that perfect!
Amy Putkonen said…
Hey Kim! I will have to meet Lorraine next time I am down there. Looks like fun. My race last weekend was a color run too. Did you know that? I had decided that one was enough of that. Not super keen on color in my face and all over. But I did enjoy the walk. It was a perfect day for walking. Thanks for posting about it and great job on the photos!!

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