Inspired Bloggers welcome to my blog...

When Michelle put it out there that she was having a month for people to work on their blogs here, I had to force myself to click on the button. I could avoid it no longer. My blog is neglected.

If it could talk, it would tell you how its been feeling deserted, left by itself at the grocery and screaming in the parking lot while its Mother drives away in an Impala... and then it would tell you about how I had abandoned my creative life, my precious dolls, my dreams of long hours of mindlessly fabulous creativity...

and for what?


It's true. I needed order. I needed to fulfill a childhood dream of knowing exactly where the Fiskers were.
I was soon ensconced in the organization of a lifetime. Huge garbage bags were leaving my home every week. My husband's eyes were saucers, wondering where his wife had gone and who was this cleaning lady who had mysteriously appeared. Then, worse, he was smiling more, like he'd hit the matriarchal jackpot. Why? Because he could find a pen by the phone. Yay, he's easy. I'm lucky.

But the problem still remained...
My dolls needed me... and more importantly, I need them.
So here we are.

They have no clothes. They're living naked in a basket covered with fabric, but they're resilient. Their Etsy shop is closed.
So you see, its time.


Amy Putkonen said…
Hi Kim!

Not much time to chitchat, but wanted to pop out and see what's up. Excited to read your #whatareyouworkingon post too!

The dolls look happy. Bill sounds happy. Yes, this cleaning/clearing/purging thing is a bit of a wonderful distraction, isn't it?
It's nice to meet you from the Inspired Blogging group!

I hear you on tidying getting in the way of creativity. Sometimes it's helpful -- I need a degree of tidiness to do creative work without driving myself crazy, and tidy does not come naturally to me. In other ways, it's a sign of resistance for me. Right now, my easel is empty, but "tidied" books are scattered all over the floor (you have to make a mess to make a tidy, after all). Looking forward to seeing more of your creations! (When you're done tidying up, that is.) :-)

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