Paul Theroux - travel writer extraordinaire

I was reminded of my love of Paul Theroux today. My genius brother-in-law Glenn had posted on Goodreads that he wanted to read 'The Men Who Stare at Goats'; and if you saw the movie you just know the actual book has to be f-ing brilliant entertainment about our 'real' and 'true' human story. I remember watching the movie with my mouth hanging open in amazement.

Anyway, as happens on Goodreads, one click leads to another and before I knew it I was face to face with the master again.
This book thrilled me...

Mr. Theroux has my way of being while he travels. He sits back, observes, keeps a low profile and using all his senses, breathes through people and places like the air.

I adore travel. I paid off my home and live frugally so I can travel. I haven't traveled much, yet. But I will, more and forever.

This summer I will spend the wedding week of my daughter and her soon-to-be on the VA shores of the Potomac River. We will stay in 8 mid-century-modern-like cabins, us and my wonderfully quirky family. We will stupefy ourselves with divine culinary delights and teach ourselves with trips to the Smithsonians, then finally, we'll roll around in the love of my daughter and her beau as they shyly stand before us, accepting each other under the bowing branches of the majestic old trees.

My next dreaming is around Europe...
Where is your next dreaming about?


This is gorgeous. I don't know if I will ever travel, but I feel like I get little glimpses of what it must be like from the variety of books I read. To be in a completely different environment, with unfamiliar smells, and colors more vibrant somehow than what we have become at ease with at home - that seems tremendous.

I look forward to getting to know a few more people via the Inspired Blogging page. Thank you!
Nancy Jambor said…
Hi Kim, I look forward to reading about your travels! Welcome to the group!
Deborah Weber said…
Oh what a fun week you have planned filled with magic and love. I'll look forward to photos and reports. And how wonderful you've been arranging your life so you can live your wish to travel more.

Travelling isn't a big love of mine, but I do have a few places I'd like to go. Iceland to see the auroras is definitely on my list.
Melissa said…
I miss traveling. Some day I hope to have the money to travel more again. I dream of more spring weather lately! :)
Amy Putkonen said…
Oh Kim. So glad that you are finally blogging again! And you are welcome to travel to your MN home here any time you wish! hee!

I must say, I had a good laugh when I saw the focus of this post. So it was YOUR FAULT that I had that crazy Alice-in-Wonderland jaunt through the belly of GoodReads yesterday! Yes, it WAS. I saw all of your likes for Paul Theroux, and thought, "Who the heck is that?" Then I went off and found many many delightful books I want to read. Good stuff. We live in such a great age, don't we?
Vickie Martin said…
As an avid reader - I must recheck out Paul Theroux - I haven't read him in a while. I look forward to hearing about your travels. Like others, I travelled in books for quite a bit of my life, but when I travelled, I felt what I had seen in books helped me experience the locale as more than a tourist (except for all the street vendors in St. Petersburg). I looked for literary references! Glad to run across this
Kimberly said…
Thanks Liesl, sometimes traveling through a good writer is better than the real thing. This guy is that way for me. When he was rattling around on this old train in Patagonia, I was kind of glad to be sitting at home, comfy as could be.

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