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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


While the rest of the country is covered in ice, we've been having the most lovely winter ever.
We're still eating greens from the greenhouse. Swiss chard was the most beautiful.
The kale was rare and small and the spinach was a bit scrawny and attracted some kind of powdery insect(?) that kind of turned me off. It was the kind of thing where I suddenly wished I had a microscope handy to inspect it. I can be a bit squeamish about things like that.
The broccoli needs eaten, yesterday... but with it being Fat Tuesday today I'm eating only unhealthy sugary wheaty stuff. Tomorrow I go off them for 40 days of cleansing so hopefully the broccoli will last that long.

But the last few days its been weeding buffalo grass out of all our beds. I want to make ready for Spring! I have to say that weeding is an incredibly strenuous exercise. Who knew?

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