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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The most amazing day...

Dearest Belovers,

Today was a complete surprise. You know when you're just getting involved in things and find yourself sailing along without a care in the world. Well today, feeling just that way, I was painting away on a little 70's camper that Bill and I are redoing, when out of the blue my friend Shelby calls that there's this opportunity out there for me. Apparently, an astrologer at a local Las Cruces radio station had walked away from a little Monday morning spot where he was interviewed by the DJ about the weekly hooha happening with the planets and would I be interested? Well, yes... of course I would. What fool would walk away from free publicity. It was only 5 minutes. How hard could it be? Shelby tells me to call another friend of ours Kathy Clark, who knows the person looking for a new astrologer. Kathy is awesome and makes me feel even more wonderful about it.

So then, after, how does one just go back to painting a camper when a radio station will be calling?
I did try - sort of pathetically - to continue painting but then the woman from the station calls and tells me a bit about what's happening...the spot entails a short recorded interview before 8 am filled with whos going to have a good week bad week and a bit about the signs... "but the DJ Trinity will call and interview you." I forgot to ask when. After about an hour of waiting I realized that it is Saturday afterall and they might not need me for this Monday morning before 8 am. Now its 7:38 pm and no call yet so.... I'm running the hotel tomorrow so that leaves.... when.

So what I'm learning in my life currently is that sometimes you just gotta roll with it. I'd love the gig but who knows. I'm thrilled my girls thought of me and I can be proud I was ready to jump at it. My days at the hotel are quickly coming to a close. Easter Sunday will be my last day. I planned to then begin in earnest my astrology career... Synchronicity. Now I know that my angels are on it.

I think I can go back and paint my camper now. As they said so many times in Hollywood, 'Man, we're livin' the dream.'

Stay tuned...

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