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Friday, April 24, 2015

What Are You Working On?

My sister Amy has started a new project where we pick out a few topics and discuss what we're working on with them. If you want to join us learn more here...
So for my categories, I've picked: SoulSpace - monthly, Tidy Lady task (these are ones I'm creating for the group), Food and Wellness, Watching and Going (because I should leave the house at least once a week for something!)

SoulSpace Monthly -

You may be wondering, what in the hell is that a picture of? Well so have I, for about 6 years now. That, my friends, is a picture out my office window and I do believe the main reason why my guesthouse/office was so delightfully inexpensive. You see my neighbor is a bit devil-may-care about his property. When we bought this mobile home (which is right behind ours) years ago we created a cool little courtyard in between and enjoy the rest because its all fenced in. I hardly even think about this view because its covered with a nice curtain all the time. Until I started in with Amy on this SoulSpace book club, I hardly thought about it. We had tried to grow a tree outside of it but the tree is too scrawny still to block anything. In his book, in the first phase 'Assessing' which we're back on this month, Xorin was sweet enough to have us also look out your windows. He wants us to make something of our view. So a few weeks ago, early on in our assessing, I realized that I wanted to open up for more  light in this room and the kitchen and when I opened the drapes my heart fell. I remembered this view. How was I going to be able to move my new desk in front of a window that looked like this? So I just stared and stared, slept on it and woke up with a crazy idea, which I told Bill...
and he thought it was a wonderful idea. So much so that even with his bum hip he helped me construct this in less than two hours...
I realize its a bit boring now but its going to be a lovely mandala, Hell even the wood is beautiful compared to what I used to look at. So step one is taken care of. I will have an art piece in front of me. I haven't planned it yet, but we're planning another one for outside of the kitchen window.
Bill has been amazingly supportive of our SoulSpace project. In fact the other day he even almost brought me to tears reminding me of an old dream we'd talked about years ago. I told him I was assessing the guesthouse and did he have any more to add that he was thinking before I started. We had discussed the new flooring a few weeks ago planning it for next year after we finish paying off the remodeling bills from this year, and so we talked about that. Then he said, "Well I'd still like to take out that wall." OMG! I had forgotten about that! When we first got this place I'd asked him if we could take out the wall between the kitchen and LR so I could teach astrology classes here too. At the time he'd been so hesitant I'd kind of thought it was too much and let the idea go. Well apparently he hadn't and thought yes, we can do that now before we put in the new flooring. I was over the moon! How exciting! So my GH assessment has changed somewhat, it will have to wait a bit, but its a totally new plan and I'm so thrilled about it. I had to share it with the group because it was so momentous but I really needed pictures to do so, so I out it in here to share.

Tidy Lady Task #4       COAT CLOSET, Shoes and handbags

Okay now by all rights I don't actually have a coat closet so this one was a bit trickier than most. I did do my shoes and am in the process of gathering all my coats into one section of my guesthouse BR closet but I'm not done and I do still need to empty my handbags. Good thing I can imagine the tasks before actually doing them or we wouldn't always have one. If you want to join us on our facebook group go to
I haven't learned how to do the 'here' thing yet.

Food and Wellness

The more you get to know me the more you'll realize that I'm bit OCD about food. Not in the clinical sense, like I'd have to touch my bread five times before buttering it, but in the sense that I go on these highly restrictive jaunts that would break a lessor woman. Like this week, just for instance, I'm subsisting on green shakes, vegies and nuts. That's it. Anyway, as part of the 'Cleanse' I'm also trying MagO7 a cleaner-outer of extraordinary reputation, and on that one I'll let you know, or not, as I've just tried it and the jury is still out.
I do find this obsession of mine mildly disconcerting at times, like I went to Las Cruces shopping yesterday and couldn't eat at my favorite Greek restaurant, Tiffany's. They have the most perfect gyros and greek salad! Not stopping there was like missing your favorite tv show when you were 10. (I remember one time I couldn't watch Starsky and Hutch because the electricity went out or something and I just had to kiss it goodbye. I was really upset! And in those days you didn't have internet where you could see it later, I mean it was gone. God was I a Tv freak back then.)
I sure feel fricken fantastic though.


the only thing I've watched this week so far is Survivor. I just love watching the people trying to cope with starvation and lying and tests of will. It does something for me.
Oh and I'm completely into Wolf Hall on PBS Sunday nights. The character is so fricken brilliant and brave. I love how he can speak his mind no matter who he's talking to. LOVE IT!


Well, as I said I went to Las Cruces shopping yesterday. I needed protein powder and MagO7 for my cleanse and  wasn't back for 9 hours. Well, there was Marshalls, Ross, Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby... I'm what's called an endurance shopper. I go rarely but when I go I want to see everything.
This weekend I'll be going to a birthday party where I'll be making the birthday cake. I will taste it so I know its good and have  a piece but then I'm right back on the green shake wagon.
So that's what I'm doing.



Michele Bergh said...

I love how creative you are with your writing and a solution for your neighbor issue! I can't wait to see what you do on your new board!!

Deborah Weber said...

What a fabulous solution to your not-so-wonderful-view issue! And I can't wait to see your mandala when it happens. Fun, fun, fun!

Nanette Levin said...

Nice to meet you through your sister, Amy, Kim (or should I say, Kimberly?). Seems like you're working on a lot simultaneously as you strive to create a SoulSpace for you while helping others in the process. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for a mandala.