Sewing room clean-up day

8:10 a.m. Grey. Nicely cool, for the stinkin hot desert. Coffee beside me. Sitting in my favorite black leather retro wingback chair. Listening to the birds and a faintly distant moving around of metal tools outside, strangely soothing husband sounds.

Today, once fully caffeinated and definitively medicated for PMS, I plan to clean my sewing room. There must be before and after pictures so you realize the full extent of the need involved. Also, it bears mentioning, the three intrinsic facts that surround its state of debauchery, none of which are implied to indicate excuses of any kind. Heaven knows, there are no excuses.

Fact one. I love to make my doll clothing out of thrift store finds. Put that with the fact that there have been numerous $6/ bag sales at my local treasury storehouse this summer and you have piles of clothing with just the right color, weight and texture. Some blouses, even now, already with an arm missing. How much material does a 13" doll need?

Fact two. I've had to close the door to now, to no less than three visitors. Need I say more? Closing my door was the most spoken chore my mother asked of me in all my teenage years. I'm now 48.

Fact three. Two of my sisters and I marked 'to read' on GoodReads this week a book aptly named,  Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things - by Gail Steketee, and I spent about an hour 'looking inside' it on Amazon last night.Suffice to say, its in my cart.

These three facts, now exposed in all their glory, are not so much bringing me shame or disgrace. Can you  dis-graced? Me without Grace? Ha! Ridiculous! But rather I feel the release of the confessional. And I, not even catholic.

Now for the fourth fact.
The before...

note the hundreds of tiny threads and cuttings littering the carpet. And yes, that is a treadmill under all that fabric. I had such good intentions placing it there. [pms tension fraught sigh]

So my darlings, wish me luck. I'm sure that all your Fridays are as demanding as mine. And since I may never leave my chair, I'm sure they are.

Eh, the silly stuff hooha... just be love with me.


Loralee Hutton said…
Oh, I can relate to this post. To the clutter and desire to hold onto those precious pieces of scrap fabric that will eventually become a stunning garment wrapped around an cherished doll. Will you share the "after" photos?
Kimberly said…
hey Loralee! [smile] Yes, the fabrics I've gathered are so precious. As I was sorting, I made one little clear plastic suitcase filled with my most favorite ones so I don't need to dig everything out again. I also put laces and old stockings in a little shoe box to make undies out of. Hee!

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