Opening delayed until summers end

This morning I had thought I would work my buns off tomorrow to be ready to open my new Etsy shop. Then I suddenly remembered something my husband said last week. He'd said something to the effect of thanking me for planning our wedding according to the stars. It sure has worked for our marital abundance. we've never lacked for anything we needed. I realized that opening this very special shop is similarly important to my happiness. Its a lifelong dream of mine to dedicate time to my art in order to take it seriously. I've been blessed with the time to get this far, enjoying every minute. So, after thinking it over all day, I've decided to plan the opening for a September date, when I get back from my summer vacation. At that time the stars will be more in my favor.

I will still be beginning to show my work on here however and am excited to maybe get a few more dolls done also.

I love the internet. It's so forgiving. Since there's no rent on my Etsy shop, I can prepare it slowly and articulately. Thankfully, they know that it takes alot to get ready and give us time to construct our shops. Thank you Etsy, for all your efforts to us artists. It is very appreciated.

So from all my dolly girls and me,
just be love with us,


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