Matilda speaks out

In her quiet way, Matilda, one of my very first dolls, has expressed to me her pleasure in hearing of the shops delay in opening. She was simply not prepared to move... in the event that she was sold. She wants some time to process.

I had to agree.

You know how it is.


I don't blame her, after all, moving out can be a traumatic experience. Wishing you lots of success with your venture.
cirklagirl said…
I think so, too, Kim. She looks to me like she is one those types that is averse to too much change.
Cheri said…
Yep, change can be scary. And hard. But there's very little good to come from staying terminally static. I'm sure Matilda will understand when you explain it to her. Good luck to you both in your new adventures.
cirklagirl said…
Good luck, Matilda. Don't fear.
bookworm said…
Matilda has had a hard life. Change is hard for her. Routine centers her. Explain about the move in simple language. Perhaps draw her some pictures to let her know what the new shop will look like. Get her prepared and she will be fine.
Kimberly said…
Bookworm, what insight! Yes, she is my rock steady girl. Heaven knows I may lean on her more than she usually leans on me... and thank you all for your sweet caring. Perchance you might find it in your hearts to continue helping me be of greatest assistance to her, and the others. At present, Afred coming into the picture may be just what the doctor ordered.

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