What a week!

Thank you everyone for your kind words. Matilda was so grateful for the encouragement, as was I. Change is definitely difficult for most of us and it does help to discuss such things with a friend. That's what dolls and friends are for after all.

I have so much to tell you.
First let me give you the after picture of my sewing room...

which by the way, I was finished pretty soon, in dog years. I think it was back like this by Sunday, which was when the girls said it was okay to put them back in here. If you can see them there on the desk. I'm still not the consumate picture taker that every good blogger must be. But I promise I'll work on it.

Then Monday I cleaned the rest of the guesthouse;the kitchen where I make clay, coffee and the occasional pie, and my office, where I see clients, and where this week I did all the sewing room sorting while watching an appealing documentary about the cool tattoo artist Ed Hardy, called "Tattoo the World".  I also spent a fair amount of time pondering future doll clothing and miniature unmentionables. I then took the very small pile of give aways down to the thrift store and proudly walked out empty handed, perhaps for the first time ever!  By Monday night everything was vacummed mopped dusted wiped down and de-spider-webbed.

And then, after working a full day Tuesday, I promptly sprained my ankle. (Now that I wish I'd taken pictures of. Swelling always amazes me.) So, while leaving all you sewing room cleaners hanging, I put my feet up and read books,watched Tv and shamelessly surfed the web for the last four days. Okay, I did limp around. Although seriously, it didn't really hurt that bad. Its the swelling people... the swelling sends this kind of eerrie shutter through my body that says,' do you have to get up?' 'are you sure you want to walk to the store?' all while reverberating shutters of vulnerability emanate from the swollen 4x4 lump that used to be my ankle bone.

In terms of healing quickly, I'd say I recieve an A+. I walked to work and back today, the first day I could feel my full ankle bone, and no pain, no warning shuttering. I have it up now, just to be nice.

Oh so after boring myself silly I went out to my budding batch of dolls and began conversing with one of my new male dolls.

Everyone, meet Alfred...

doesn't he seem like such a nice boy?
I thought maybe what the girls, especially Matilda, might like is having a guy around. I know that always helps me through a tough patch.

So I thought I'd show you how I begin with the arms and legs. Since they're all unique one-of-a-kind little beings, I like to construct the base of each section of arm or leg in cardboard... let me show you...

poor guy looks a bit shy to be so exposed... eh, he's a good sport.
I've attached each section with pipecleaners to see if the connecting points will give him full range of motion. Basically to see if he looks right. His torso I saw needs to be elongated, which I needed to do anyway as his private parts aren't anything but a snip of a coffee stirrer. Maybe that's TMI, he whispered to me just now.

If I show you him sideways, maybe you can see better what I'm talking about....

Bill asked, "Where is his six-pack?"

So anyway, he needs clay. Times a wastin'

Thank you again for commenting. I absolutely love attention.
And I absolutely LOVE that you all are just out there being love with me.
til later...


Hello Kimberly,

I found your blog via Pinterest - you have incredible collections on your Pin boards! I got an impression that you have a really great fire for creativity. Here, on your post I see the proof of it.

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