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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome 2013... a new start

Yes, I climbed a pyramid. Two actually. This is one. I'm in the orange blouse. My new, very dear friend Sue is with me at the top.

Technical difficulties. I can't seem to upload a picture. No browse button. Bear with me.

Speaking of technical difficulties. Have Bill and I been the only ones with the internet going down... often. Perhaps once every day or so. Just for brief periods. I started to think maybe the solar flares were affecting us? Any input? Maybe we just have faulty wiring. That can happen in the desert, dry heat busting the protective coating or some such thing. Oh my. Who knows?

Now an error occured with pink warning whistle banner. It's gone now. It's back. giggle. WTF!

Anyway, I'm home and things are crazy all around but I'm having a good time and all is well. My dolls are truly displeased because they've been held up in my cold little craft room for weeks. I had to bring two of them out to sit with me while I had clients last week. Truth is I've had to be working, studying or having sessions and have not had time to pull everyone out for discussion. Group therapy. Let's take a moment and visualize. 12 dolls in various states of bodily readiness. I haven't enough chairs or mini wheelchairs to take a picture , but all in a circle. Telling me their grievances: No attention. Why did so and so get to come out with you and I didn't? It's frickin freezing in there! Etc, etc. so on and so forth.

Lying in bed last night I was thinking about it. Mainly because I chose yesterday to tell my boss at the hotel that April 1st would be my last day... so we would need to find a replacement for me... soon.

Let me just back track, a hair. It was a very stressful day all around. My best cleaner had called in sick the day before and was hopefully able to come in and help me clean 11 rooms. I was training someone who would not be able to replace me or help me clean any rooms. My back was killing me. I had to work for 12 hours for the second day in a row because the last woman I was training had walked out on Monday. And the night before, Tuesday night, I'd had a very large flat screened television (stolen out from beneath my nose out! the giggle is that they forgot the remote in their hurry) and had to talk to the police, blah blah blah...

So, lying in bed last night, doped up on an IB 800, I was thinking about my doll making and how it always seems to fall to the end of the to do list.  Lying there, deciding on future happiness, I thought I could have one day of the week that was just for them and maybe two... so we'll see. I'm thinking after April 1st, maybe it could be Sunday. I've always worked on Sunday. So that would be a nice holiday feeling day for me.

Oh gosh, I must at some point start my day.
Be love with me in 2013!

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