Christmas preparations

Cookie day was a two night affair with my wonderful neighbor Melissa and I cutting one night and frosting the next. I'm pretty sure that is the way to do it. I remember in years past being sooo tired that the cookies began to look like kindergarten projects.

So after all the packages have been sent out. Not one picture taken by me. I'd completely forgotten. my dear friends Jan and Ted still had one of my little owls and she has emailed me a pic. So here goes, and example of our artistry!

I had a whole woodland theme going. Owls, trees squirrels and even a saw to cut the trees down. It was great fun and the first time I'd gotten down royal icing. Just buy the meringue powder in the cake decorating section of Walmart (or where ever). You'll need a mixer, we used my guesthouse hand mixer but I guess your kithenaide would work too. smile. It's just powdered sugar, meringue powder and water, beat until it looks like marshmallow then add water as you go to keep it the consistency of glue.
Actually, in terms of colors, Melissa's were much prettier. She used an old butterfly cutter and made all kinds.  We may have started a new tradition this year.


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